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Inventory Management: Is it Time for a Change?

Inventory Management: Is it Time for a Change?

The way we do business has changed dramatically since the pandemic. Though these uncertain times have caused us to take a step back, digital transformation has been driving companies forward and improving them. Digital transformation and innovation are the keys to growth.

​Inventory Management Challenges

If you are a company that manages a lot of inventory, you know that the complexities involved with managing inventory without a software solution can put a lot of pressure on your warehouse personnel. Human error can cause a lot of problems with the supply chain and it can even make or break a small business.

Lack of stock information can also cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. It is time to stop surviving and start thriving when it comes to inventory management.

​Need for Automated Solutions

Without an automated inventory control system, employees may find themselves lacking knowledge about important information, like the amount of stock they have in one warehouse at any given time. Your inventory is important. You don’t want to rely on paper processes to achieve your goals, and you certainly don’t want Excel or other manual processes that are incapable of giving you real-time information.

The Stack61 solution is built to manage all of the inventory in your yards and warehouses. New inventory, surplus inventory, and inventory that is brought over from different project locations can all be managed in a way that you always have real-time status of the stock in your enterprise and never lose track of an item or even have to write it down ever again.

It is crucial to have the correct materials, especially when it comes to pipelines and all of the regulations that come with them. To stay ahead of the game on compliance, knowing all of the details about your materials will help in the long run. This is where Stack61 can come in. With Stack61, you gain access to all of your material information and documentation from a central location.

Material Compliance and Documentation

Documentation and test records are linked to item QR codes, which lets you get all the info you need on your items. You can visually see all of your inventory, and logistics, and make decisions on types of materials based on what you need, at the click of a button, all without having excessive amounts of money coming out of your employer’s pockets on new orders.

You may be asking yourself, what kind of return am I getting for implementing a digital inventory system? The productivity that results from implementing a new inventory management system is valuable, but this value is often considered to be immeasurable. Sure, you can look at the amount of paper used before and after the software implementation but putting a dollar amount on all of the benefits is very difficult.

Not to mention, the software is a living thing and it is constantly changing and improving, therefore, the initial value you approximated from it, will grow, and increase beyond original expectations. Technological innovation impacts a business positively, but the results are difficult to put an exact number on. 

QR code and barcode technology are not only innovative, but they eliminate errors, prevent mix-ups, and are completely traceable. Value is already visible in those alone. Stack61’s innovative process leverages company standards and it can be configured to accommodate any kind of inventory workflow that may be required.

We understand it can be hard to master a new software solution in a short period, which is why we’ve made the solution highly configurable to fit your needs and work with you to mimic your procedures and processes. It can even feed into your existing ERP and accounting systems.

Mobility in Inventory Management

Working in a warehouse means you are constantly mobile. If the way you are doing inventory is not mobile, there is a breakdown in the workflow. Warehouse employees can’t be glued to a computer when they are taking inventory and receiving and issuing materials. Stack61 gives employees the mobility they need.

Similar to what Darwin says about adapting if businesses are not changing and adopting new technology, they will eventually collapse. Taking charge of the way you handle inventory management gives you a leg up and will help you deal with small problems before they become major issues.

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